December board meeting and crazy animal hats!

We had a wonderful board meeting in December, and celebrated another year of excellent progress with Pathways to Global Literacy!  Thanks to the hard work of Rose and Nancy, and the dedication, talent and commitment of our Dominican partners, the library continues to expand and serve youth and adults in Gaspar Hernandez.  Updates on the progress will be posted soon.

A report from Nancy and Rose’s November trip will also be posted soon, and be sure to read board member Donna Pauly’s reflections below.  We are also thrilled to welcome new board member, Beverly Cook.  Stay tuned for more information on her background and experience, and for more updates on Pathways developments!

Finally, see the photos below from our December board meeting.  We’re not crazy…these are animal hats that will be sent to the Gaspar library to be used during story time with the children.  The kids (and adults) love them! (From left to right: Nancy, Rose, Carolyn and Donna; Rose and Nancy below).

December meeting board members (L-R, Nancy, Carolyn, Rose and Donna) show off animal hats to be sent to the Gaspar library for children's story timeRose and Nancy with animal puppets for children's story time.  They will be sent to the Gaspar library, and are always a hit among the kids!

Successful work day in September!

September 27th was a Pathways work day. Six people helped prepare the books for the library: Elizabeth stamped all books, and Fran, Irene, Jane, Rose and Nancy taped seams and corners. We are grateful for all of the great work!

Over 400 books are now ready for the library in Gaspar Hernandez.  Additionally there are 4 puppets that can be used for story time and supplies such as shelf labels, tape, markers, card pockets, cards, bar codes and protective covers for magazines.  Rose and Nancy will be traveling to Gaspar Hernandez in November.

Back in the blog-saddle!

While this blogsite has been neglected for too long, Pathways projects have continued to flourish, and its board members have been hard at work.  Indeed, we have no shortage of new ideas, enthusiasm and excitement!  Keep watching for new updates to this site, as we add more information, stories and pictures of our work.

The DR Pilot Project continues to do well, reaching scores of children and teens in the city of Gaspar Hernandez and its outlying areas.  Its connection with the church also makes for an excellent partnership.  New shelves and a new roof have improved the facility, and there are now over 3,000 books for children and teens available in the library.  New acquisitions continue to come in, and we are always looking for more!

We have had a number of board meetings over the past year and a half, and have welcome several new members as well!  Please see the “Board Members” tab for information on each of our wonderful members.  We are a gifted, dynamic team with many different strengths.  Special credit go to Rose and Nancy, who have grown the library from the start, and continue to make Pathways what it is. And of course, our Dominican partners are the ones who deserve the most credit on the day-to-day front, keeping it running, organized and usable to children in the community.

A few things to look out for on the horizon…

  • A visit by Rose and Nancy to the DR this winter, focusing on teacher training in literacy techniques, and implementation, as well as women’s literacy programs
  • A winter strategy session to think though the ways in which our work continues to line up with our goals, vision and mission
  • Scouting for new sites and partners in the DR and beyond

Rose and Sarah also attended USAID’s International Literacy Day last week, which was an excellent conference on the use of technology among NGO and state education strategies in rural areas of developing countries.  Many seeds were planted for future possibilities!

New updates from the Gaspar Hernandez Library will continue to roll in, and we’ll do our best to post them here.

Until then!

Launching Pathways!

Welcome to Pathways to Global Literacy’s blog!  We are a new organization, focusing on literacy in developing countries.  We are specifically interested in building up libraries through resources, training, and support.

See “About” to learn more about who we are, read our mission statement, and dream with us!