See Heshima Kenya founder and director, Anne Sweeney, on NBC Chicago

Pathways is excited about future possibilities in literacy and library work with Heshima Kenya in Nairobi.  A first shipment of books has already been sent, and the young women of Heshima Kenya are excited to begin their library and literacy initiatives.

In the meantime, however, our hearts are broken at the tragedy at Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi.  We pray for peace and comfort for the victims and their families, and in particular the young women at Heshima Kenya.  Refugees are already among the most vulnerable people in Kenya, and there is concern for their safety in the wake of the attacks.

See Anne Sweeney from Heshima Kenya discussing this week’s events in an interview on NBC 5 Chicago:!/news/local/Kenyan-Siege-Hits-Home-For-Chicago-Group/224944842