Update from Gaspar Hernandez

Earlier this summer the Gaspar Hernandez library moved to a new location!  The librarians worked very hard to make this happen–it was quite an undertaking–and we are pleased to report that as of July, it is now open in the new location!  Congratulations to them and a heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job they did in organizing everything for the move, and for the excellent work they do every day!

Here are excerpts of a report from the Biblioteca Misionera librarians in Gaspar Hernandez, RD:

In order to encourage students to read and motivate them to come to the library, we carry out the following activities with the children of Gaspar Hernandez:

  • Story telling: once a week a parent from the church or Compassion comes to the library to read a story to the children
  • Character of the week: we place a book character on the wall (e.g. Dora the Explorer) and all week every activity revolves around that character
  • Child of the week: We post a picture of the child who has read the most stories up on the wall, along with a list of the stories he or she has read.
  • Story rotation: A book is given to a child to take home.  Inside is a set of questions that the parents must read to the child, which is a way to make sure the parent sees the book. Afterwards the parent signs the sheet of questions, and the book is assigned to another child.
  • We use beads to keep track of usage and attendance: every time a child enters they put a bead in a bowl, and we later count the beads.

In the future, we plan to visit local schools to invite children to our library.  We will also begin some story activities with puppets, and are planning to integrate talks about violence, health, sexuality and other life issues into some talks at the library.

We are open Monday through Friday 8am-11am and 2pm-5pm, and Saturday 8am-12pm.

In the process of moving to the new location–Carolina fills the shelves!Carolina

It was quite a project!

Books in the process of being shelved at the new location

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